Innovison’s Ten Year, Ten Years’ Innovation

The tenth anniversary celebration of Innovision was hold in Chimelong Hotel on Jan.18th 2014. On this wonderful evening, all 1300 staffs gathered together and shared their joy for the ten-year success of Innovision.

The conception, the arrangement and the conduction of the celebration all focused on the theme "Innovision's Ten Year, Ten years' innovation". What's more, the celebration also made several innovative breakthrough and created the various records. Let's have a greater look at the feast and know more.

For the first time, the experiential equipment, including roadshows of refitted automobiles, interacting experience of racing and giant kaleidoscope was showed in the celebration, every staff could learn the leading technology of Innovision. The equipment reflected the theme of celebration and recalled the memory of Innovision staffs, which perfectly combined the innovative technology and the corporate culture of Innovision.

During the celebration, by watching the microfilm of the history of Innovision, the present audiences witnessed the growth of Innovision which developed from a small business to a leading marketing agency。

When the clock stroke at 11, the celebration ended with the song I Believe sung by all staffs. Everyone believed that Innovision could break through the turnover of 10 billion in the near future. At the same time, the perfect ending opened a new path for the next brilliant decade of Innovision.

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